Friday, September 25, 2009

SF Jewish Film Festival EXPOSED!

NOTE TO READER: KGO talk-show host, John Rothman, who is both Jewish and a San Franciscan, narrates this piece about this summer's controversy at the San Francisco Film Festival for playing the American premier of a film about Rachel Corrie of the ISM, and invited her mother, Cindy Corrie, who actively promotes anti-Israelism to the event. In two parts, Rothman shows both the ire and vehemence of the anti-Israel forces, and explains why such efforts on the part of supposedly Jewish organizations, such as Jewish Voice for Peace and "peace" organizations such as the American Friends Service Committee are spreading hate, mis-information, and demonization of Israel. Please view both parts, and if moved to action, read the bottom of this post for suggested responses. --- Becky Johnson, editor

See video below

Natan Nestel has sent this message in direct response to John Rothman's
piece on the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival hosting two anti-semitic films and
inviting anti-Israel speaker, Cindy Corrie to speak:

Why This Issue Is Urgent and Ongoing
By virtue of its ongoing support of the Film Festival, the Jewish Federation continues to lend legitimacy to the extreme anti-Israel groups that co-presented the Corrie event - Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), and the Rachel Corrie Foundation (RCF) - as well as the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), which is glamorized in the movie.

The damage caused by the Jewish Federation's granting of respectability to these extreme organizations can only be undone when the Federation unambiguously states that it will not support organizations or events that demonize Israel or that collaborate with those who call for divestment, boycotts, sanctions against Israel or banning aid to Israel.

Please Take Action!
We all have the responsibility to speak up when we realize that our donations to the Jewish Federation are being misallocated. The Jewish Federation is an important institution in our community and it is vital that the Federation remains true to its mission.
* The San Francisco Jewish Community Federation:

Jim Koshland, President
Jennifer Gorovitz, Acting CEO -
Rabbi Doug Kahn, Exec Dir JCRC -
The East Bay Jewish Federation: Rabbi James Brandt CEO -

Tell them:
  • The Federation that you fund should never support events or organizations that advocate boycotts, divestment, sanctions against Israel or banning aid to Israel, and it shouldn't collaborate with those who do.
  • (and any other such events or organizations that defame and demonize Israel or Jews).

* Please send a blind copy (bcc) of your letter to:

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