Friday, October 16, 2009

The Old and the Worthless Oct 16 2009

by Becky Johnson
OCT 16 2009

Santa Cruz, Ca. -- Today's update: On Young and the Restless today, Victor perks up, fresh from his heart transplant, ready to rein in young, nearly-blind, maybe-gay Victor Newman Jr. a.k.a. "Adam". But while he and Nikki are reconnecting during her ever-present vigil by his side, wife Ashley (Victor's 3rd and 9th wife)is talking to lawyers about keeping the Newman Ranch in her division of property. "After all," reasons Ashley, no longer plagued with pregnancy-hysteria, "When Victor and Nikki divorced, Nikki and the children got to stay in the Ranch while Victor and I were forced to move into the Executive suite of the Newman Corporation."

Ah, those rich people. They have SOOOO many problems! And if I didn't faithfully watch Young and the Restless every day at 11 am on my local CBS affiliate, how would I know?

Ashley also had the best line of the day when she confronted her feuding brother, Jack Abbott who would likely do handsprings at the news that Ashley was finally divorcing "the mustache". Ashley said, "The war is over, Jack. We all lost. Time to move on." You know, I think Obama might want to apply that to Afghanistan, as an exit strategy.

Victor is only alive because Tracey Abbot, Colleen Carton's mother, allowed her daughter's heart to be transplanted to save Victor. Victor would certainly die in days from the bullet wound to his heart when facially-reconstructed Patty Williams shot him, after having in her crazed state held Colleen hostage. Victor stepped in front of Jack, taking the bullet meant for him, thus saving HIS life.

However, it's all too late for Ashley.

She was sickened to find out that Victor's attempts to get revenge against her brother, Jack, had ultimately ended up by taking the life of young Colleen, who hovered in a brain-dead coma until last week's sob-fest when they wheeled her still functioning body into surgery to cut her heart out and Tracy had to say a tearful goodbye to her only daughter.

Colleen, good to the end, had managed to accidentally drown herself while going for help to save the woman who had been holding her hostage at gunpoint, and who she had already escaped from, but who needed medical attention due to a bite from a NORTHERN WIDOW. Hmmmm. Strange things happen in Genoa City, Wisconsin. At least among the arachnoid life. Colleens final act appears to be to have gone through Young and the Restless script-writer's "spirit world" where during bff Lily's nap whilst recovering from a complete hysterectomy and the effects of chemotherapy, Colleen appeared, soaking wet, to give Lily a peppy "girl" talk!.

I know that's what I hope to be doing while I'm dying. Visiting my old girlfriend in Rochester, Michigan and cheering her up with plans to go wig shopping.

So now "good" Colleen's heart is alive and living inside "Ruthless" Victor Newman himself. What a heyday for the script writers this will be. That is, if Eric Bergman signs a new contract. The scoop fairy has it that he's been offered a lot less money and may not resign. If he doesn't, I doubt his heart transplant will take. Colleen wasn't THAT good!

Victor Newman's wives: Julia, Nikki Reed , Ashley Abbott, Leanna Love, Hope Adams, Dianne Jenkins, Nikki Reed again, Sabrina Costelanos, and now Ashley Abbott again

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