Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gary Johnson freed on bail

GREAT NEWS! I just heard that Gary Johnson was released yesterday afternoon from the Rountree Minimum Security Facility in Watsonville, Ca. where he was serving a 6 month sentence for the "crime" of sleeping as part of a protest against the Sleeping Ban in the City of Santa Cruz. His attorney and co-defendant, Ed Frey, was freed Friday, June 24th when Judge John Gallagher reduced his bail from $50,000 to $110. Gary, in addition to 5 days in jail prior to sentencing, was incarcerated from June 10th until June 27th, or for a total of 22 days for the "crime" of sleeping. Here is Gary's e-mail to me. --- Becky Johnson- ed

Gary Johnson sleeps non-obstructively August 28, 2010 on the downtown sidewalk outside of City Hall after the City pronounced "no trespassing" restrictions on public property during Peace Camp 2010, a protest against Santa Cruz' Sleeping Ban. Photo by Becky Johnson

Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2011 15:07:13 -0700
> From: walkabouting ( at ) yahoo.com
> Subject: Breaking news...
> To: walkabouting (at) yahoo.com
> Breaking news...
> I JUST got out on bail (pending Appeal), from (eventually Minimum) Medium Security Jail in Watsonville (aka The Farm).
> S#228822
> After about two weeks, held in Santa Cruz County Jail (across from the Santa Cruz county Courthouse),
> I was recently transfered to the Watsonville Jail (currently released on bail, pending appeal).
> Next Santa Cruz Court appearance is August 1st, 1:30pm, room 2, I think.
> If the Appeal(s) fail, I'm back in for 180 days (180 - trivia).
> And now I can finally shout about the entire fucking thing, without worrying about influencing the jury. Website pending, probably via the SC library, tomorrow.
> Meanwhile, back at the (pending appeal) daily walks between the public libraries and meals...
> --
> G (pending appeal)

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