Thursday, January 21, 2010

Downtown--music by Petula Clark, lyrics by HUFF


(music by Petula Clark, lyrics by HUFF)

1.When you're alone and rents are making you homeless, you can always go...Downtown.
When you're laid off, all the cops and their friends will move you to and fro...Downtown.
Just try and find musicians who will still play in the city.
Linger on the sidewalk and the police will say "no sitting"...How can you win?
The fines are much higher there; they have forgotten you live here, forgotten they care...
When you're Downtown--there's lot of hate for you; Downtown--it's not so great for you
Downtown--tickets are waiting for you.

2.Don't hang around and let the squad cars surround you, it's no movie show...Downtown.
Try to sit down and then the hosts will remind you that it's time to go...Downtown.
Just listen to the blaring of the motorcycles raging;
Salute and show your papers or it's you they'll be a cagin'....Spanging again...
The crowds are much whiter there; they just walk past all your troubles, step over your cares
When you're Downtown, with all the shops uptight; Downtown lit up and so rich and bright;
Downtown--uniforms watching for you

3. When you stand up for the wretched and homeless, cops will drag you down...Downtown.
They'll tell you shut up or face the weekend in lock-up, 'cause the merchants own..Downtown
Yet you may find somebody poor like you to understand you.
Someone who is getting screwed and needs a helping hand to stand and be strong.
So maybe we'll face them there, we'll stand up to the bullshit; let bullies beware!
When we're Downtown, things will be real when we're Downtown,
Don't let 'em steal our rights. Downtown let's stand together and fight..
Downtown...stand your ground...Downtown...stand your ground.

4. Stop and speak out when the cops use bad laws to drive the poor away...Downtown.
Ring out the alarm when the gunsels with badges turn the sunlight grey..Downtown.
Raise the price of tyranny for those who run the city.
Spark a new resistance to the petty and the shitty, What's there to lose?
It's better than hiding out; it's time to wake up and boogie, to stand up and shout...
That this Downtown--it's all for here tonight; Downtown--not just for rich and white;
Downtown let's find the strength to do right.

5. Remember what counts--that the sidewalks belong to everyone who goes...Downtown
The rich and their cops may have the lawbooks but we're right to go...Downtown
Don't run away from thugs today, whatever badge they're wearing
It's time to care and time to dare to make this life worth bearing--Take back the joy!
Yes, maybe we'll face them there. we can't forget all our troubles but we'll share all our cares
When we're Downtown--things will be real when you're...Downtown
Don't let them steal your rights; Downtown, drag the truth into the light.

6. Time to get down and shout out to the merchants till they hear our call--Downtown.
Stand up and stay strong; let your dollars speak louder, when you walk the mall--Downtown.
Picketing bad business shops is all that we are urgin'.
Raise the cry to those who lie and stop your friends fron splurgin', 'til there's a change...
If all of us stand as one, we'll beat back the bigots and still have some fun
When we're downtown...don't shop where bigots feed--Downtown
Say no to merchant greed; Downtown--People, let's find a new way.

7. Billions for war, and the homeless get blamed for everything that's wrong--Downtown.
Harass them some more to make them scurry along--that's the new merchant song--Downtown
Disappear the benches; make the laws a little meaner.
Add new nasty police patrols to make scared souls feel cleaner...Yo, what's that smell?
The stench of hypocrisy; the cheap Xmas lights can't disguise what you see..
That this Downtown--where poor folks are second class.
Downtown, with cops shoving homeless ass... Downtown---Time to say no and be free.

(note: these new lyrics were first sung on Jan 6, 2010 by HUFF members, just prior to ticketing)

8. Where are the songs on the sidewalk today?...the best have gone away— from Downtown
A single complaint will have the cops out to send the singers on their way—Downtown
Sing a song of protest just outside the local bookshop
Music with a message means a steep fine---makes the poor stop
Singing their tale.
So stop singing your doubt, you'll see bigots on phones
All calling cops out
To come downtown—
muz-zel-ing those they fear
Downtown—don't want your kind SO near,
Downtown---watch uniforms smother our dreams

9. They don't give their names, but the cops tell the singers—"You!--Be on your way!" Downtown
“We've had a complaint, so you must stop your singing at this spot today.” Downtown
Everyone around you may appreciate the groovin'
One heckler 's veto gives the cops excuse to get you movin'
In spite of the law
The police don't give a damn, which Constitution they're shredding
It's all quite a sham.
When you're downtown—shame on the fear that rules
Downtown—bad laws from frightened fools
Downtown— Sing Out and Recover Your Dreams
Downtown—Grinding Us Down;. Downtown—Silencing Sounds. Downtown.

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  1. nice lyrics... i bet the music is cool too. congratulations by the way. and keep making those songs, its very inspirational.


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