Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Welcome to Becky Land!

Hello Readers!

My sister encouraged me to start this blog when she heard of my frustrations with Santa Cruz Indymedia, the DAFKA website troubles, and the limitations of the Topix forums below the Santa Cruz Sentinel. "It's so easy!" she told me, and so it is. Readers may know me from my ten years as a poverty writer for Street Spirit in Oakland, Ca. Others may know me from producing "Club Cruz" on Community Television for 11 years. Still others may know me for my homeless advocacy through HUFF, Homeless United for Friendship and Freedom. A whole other set of people know me for my work with Scholars for Peace in the Mideast, Stand With Us Santa Cruz, and DAFKA. My students know me as "Ms. Johnson." My children know me as "Mom," and that's probably my most important title.


  1. Hi I hope you have good luck.

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