Friday, April 6, 2012

75 River Street Case Completely Tainted

NOTE TO READER: Thanks to my friend, Bob Lamonica, for this letter that succinctly sums up the nature of this highly political prosecution of eleven local activists and alternative-media journalists. Bob opposed the occupation last November (I praised it) but he believes that DA Bob Lee is over-charging. --- Becky Johnson, Ed.


MARCH 29, 2012


Found Online Here.

75 River St. case completely tainted

I never agreed with the 75 River St. activity, but I will stand up for the indicted's right to equal treatment before the law. The indictments are like losing something in the dark, but looking for it in the light where you can see.

Proximity has become cause for jail and shackling in Santa Cruz, as happened to Becky Johnson, who, by all accounts, wasn't even in the building. If such consequences are justified, they should be applied equally to anyone in or near the building at the time in question.

Eleven out of hundreds present have been indicted, arguably for political reasons. Felony conspiracy to commit a crime. Misdemeanor trespass. Felony vandalism. Prosecuted as charged, they would be deprived the right to vote, even drive a car.

The entire case is tainted beyond recovery by law enforcement's sloppy work. All charges against everyone must be dropped, in the name of prosecutorial misconduct.

Bob Lamonica, Santa Cruz

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