Saturday, September 19, 2009

Banned Comments from

Photo I took of Bradley Stuart taken seconds after he assaulted me at the Town Clock, Aug 4, 2006 at 6:17PM

by Becky Johnson
Sept 19, 2009

Santa Cruz, Ca. -- Now many readers know that I have had a long running battle with which is the latest generation of Santa Cruz Indymedia. I am one of the founders of Santa Cruz Indymedia, along with Robert Norse, when we were both approached by Vangelis in the fall of 2000 and asked to join. The site went live 6 months later. Robert and I attended a few early meetings, but we primarily concerned ourselves with gathering and writing the articles which became some of the first articles posted there. At the time of the controversy in 2005, Joe Williams, who had monitor status, told me that I had contributed more postings at Santa Cruz Indymedia than any other single contributor. Rather than be rewarded for my unpaid contributions to the site, I was rebuked. Two indybayista's, Matt Fitt and Bradley Stuart, decided to drive me from the site using any tactic they could think of, including censorship, threats, slander, libel, stealth meetings, hyperbole, and even a physical assault on me at the Town Clock by Bradley Stuart. My IP address was blocked for 6 months and a similar purge was led by the same two people at Free Radio Santa Cruz, where I had produced Robert Norse's radio show for 11 years.

Why did my leftist buddies do an about face and now ban and censor me? Because I support Israel. How does Bradley Stuart feel about Israel? See this on his blog.


Naturally, when my posts on are deleted 20 seconds after I post them, it gets discouraging. Why write them if no one will ever read them? Apparently ONLY preaching to the choir is allowed at, and I've heard tell that Bradley Stuart won't allow any new volunteer to be given monitor status unless they vow to oppose capitalism. What does that even mean? Does that mean you don't buy food at a store? That you don't work for money? But apparently that's only the first problem with Bradley's reign of error.

Forget what the editorial guidelines say. They are ignored for the posts they like, and posts they don't like are removed even if they violate no rule. Here is an example of a post of mine which was recently removed. It was in response to this article, entitled "Doctor: 90% of war casualties at Gaza hospital were civilians"

The following post was instantly deleted: were civilians

by Becky Johnson
Saturday Sep 12th, 2009 6:13 PM

I see the censors at INDYBAY can't allow a dissenting point of view. That's how they keep their LIES posted so long without any opposing comment.

For the REAL numbers see my analysis of the death toll and the IDF report which lists total deaths at 1133, 709 of them combatants, the VAST majority were male (96%), and the IDF report doesn't include ALL THE NATURAL DEATHS that occurred in Gaza during the Winter incursion as deaths by the Israeli military.


ANOTHER CENSORED POST in response to this article titled "More than 50 Palestinians evicted from Jerusalem homes"

Staged photo-op

by dupes

Sunday Aug 9th, 2009 1:21 PM

Where in this article does it say that they refused to pay rent?
Where in this article does it say that Arab tenants who agreed to pay their rent were NOT evicted? These families had weeks and months to make arrangements. Their blankets and pads are for foreign press photo-ops and when it gets too dark for pictures, they will pack up and go to the housing where they are actually staying.


"And the Hannoun and al-Ghawe families will sleep outside again tonight on the pavement across from their homes."

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  1. Its worse that you think at Indybay- they actually monitor the IP addresses of "known Zionists"

    "Right-wing propaganda"- whether or not its true is not permitted on the newswire. And anything that supports the only liberal democracy in the Middle east is, by definition "right wing propaganda". Conversely, any discussion of human rights abuses in Arab lands is not permitted on the newswire.


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