Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy New Year!! Shana Tova!

by Becky Johnson
September 17, 2009

Santa Cruz, Ca. -- What? New Year's already? Didn't we just celebrate that 9 months ago? Well, one particular, non-Christian nation, the Jewish Nation, celebrates Rosh Hashana on Friday at sundown to usher in year number 5770. These Jews have been doing this for an extremely long time! And they say that G-d says to listen to the sound of the shofar blown during Rosh Hashana. And if you listen to the shofar, it's a mitzvah, or good deed.

Now I'm not Jewish. And neither are most of my readers, but the book it's written in has been around an awfully long time. And the people who wrote the book, said that G-d spoke to their entire nation at the same time (not just to some kook who says he "hears the voice of God") from on top of a mountain. G-d says to wash your hands before you eat. Now we all know THAT's a good idea. So NOT doing what G-d says to do, might have some unseen pitfalls. And if G-d says to do it, it must be important.

So here's one of the easiest and most enjoyable mitvahs one can do. Listen to the shofar. This was the best one I found. Listen, enjoy, and contemplate a New Year in which we have another chance to be better human beings.

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  1. Nice gift! I listened to 4 horns, (one double)! Thank you. -Linda


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